Capital Financing Evaluation & Consultancy

Finance Consultancy is a term that has a broad horizon. We do not believe in just arranging finance from lenders by getting the lowest Rate of Interest from the list of lenders, but we evaluate the business needs, repayment options, future plans, companies reputation & creditability and then find the most convenient and suitable form of finance that would carve the way forward.

Today we enjoy options such as Venture Capitals, Marketing Partners, Angel investors, Private Equity Placement, Channel Investors, Mergers & Tie ups, Acquisitions etc. in addition to the conventional options of Finance from Single Bank or Consortium Finance, Unsecured Loans etc.

Therefore we analyze the pros-and-cons of each form of finance suitable to the business and then help them get the finance they need.

Following are the aspects that we address to:

  • Fund raising – Debt or Equity;
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals;
  • Strategic Alliances, Joint Venture & SPV
  • Cross border transactions;
  • Business Re-structuring