Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy has been one of our core practice areas since our Inception. We have been in the field of Succession Planning, Partition Planning, and Taxation of Wills.

Pipara & Co. provides a wide range of preservation and protection services both in India and abroad and these include:

  • Advisory services for wealth protection;
  • Succession Planning;
  • Advisory services in relation to the use of Trusts;
  • Formation and Administration of Trusts onshore and offshore;
  • Inheritors Asset Allocation
  • Planning for children’s education costs;
  • Will preparation.

Following are our verticals in the field of Management Consultancy:

Due Diligence:

Thorough due diligence is essential both to executing successful transactions and protecting our clients’ reputations. We provide comprehensive due diligence support to operating companies and investors prior to acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, key hires, and other transactions. We are professional, discreet, creative and exhaustive in our approach: we aim for maximum transparency and providing clients with a product that is concise and conclusive in its recommendations.

Our due diligence and investigative services include:

  • Examining the reputations, associations, activities, and ethics of potential partners, investors or key hires;
  • Confirming or refuting allegations and rumours of criminal or questionable business practices;
  • Identifying, early on in the deal process, any undisclosed liabilities or questionable financial reporting;
  • Researching unusual offshore structures and unexplained vehicles associated with potential merger, acquisition, or joint venture targets;
  • Clarifying the nature of relationships between target companies and various individuals, including government officials;
  • Providing a “lay of the land” for doing a deal, determining powerbases and shifting alliances. We ask: who is well connected and why? Who is on the way out? And, which relationships should be cultivated?

Business Intelligence:

Venturing out into non-traditional areas of practice we have “Business Intelligence” services as an offering.

We believe that businesses often need to discuss and imbibe strategies that would help them scale the growth that they have envisioned. For this process we need hard-core values and strategic plans for Sustainable Development which would help the businesses retain & grow their market share whilst developing a niche that would give them the impetus from competition.

Having the experience of various industries and combining the strong knowledge of Current Economic Trends, Economic Policies, Government Regulations, Tax Laws and Global Markets – helps us in discussing and devising strategies for businesses which make them impeccable. We get along with business heads and chart out strategies and review them periodically so as to help the businesses establish themselves as Industry Leaders. Along with this we constantly reason out possibilities and ventures (such as Associated Industries, Integrated Processes, Backward & Forward Integration) which would help lower COP, provide higher returns and institute a brand value to the business.

Forensic Auditing & Evaluation and Resolutions:

Forensic Auditing is gathering more importance considering the likeness and risk associated with frauds, laundering of money and misappropriation of funds. We have been actively involved in providing Forensic Audit Services in high-profile frauds committed by conmen, banks and other public institutions. We have also been helping in analyzing and evaluating the true picture of Financial Statements of various companies on a regular basis.

We have been lucky to have high profile assignments whereby we not only analyze, evaluate and audit but we also provide with the right solution to address the issue thereby helping the clients safeguard their interest at large.