Pipara and Co LLP is setup by Mr. Gyan Pipara, who started individually, in a shared space, with a single desk & chair.

If there is one attribute that contributes to the firm’s growth from this single desk & chair in a shared space to our Corporate Office at Ahmedabad, or our offices at marquee locations such as Kamala Mills Compound at Mumbai, Green Park at Delhi, Rockefeller Center at New York, or our Dubai, Singapore or London offices, its the people that have joined us at every step of the journey and contributed to the growth story.

It is these very people that have defined the culture at Pipara, where goals are not set as a destination, but a journey we embark on together. We are not a regular Accountancy firm; we are a community of individuals driven together by a common goal—to achieve what we couldn’t individually. Our success story is intricately woven with the contributions of each team member, each playing a crucial role in our growth and accomplishments. This includes each person that has been a part of this journey, whether it was a few months, a couple of years, or decades of their lives contributing to Pipara, which resounds through our offices, our ethics, our morals, our drive and our commitment to excellence.

Our leadership isn’t about titles; it’s about determination and a shared vision for both Pipara’s growth and personal development. What makes Pipara stand out is: a core value etched into our DNA since day one: People Drive Success.

We are not an Accountancy firm; We are Passion, We are Grit, We are Commitment to Our Profession, We are the Drive for Excellence, WE are Pipara!

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