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Forensic Audits have been undertaken by the Firm since 1990’s wherein the Firm has had the opportunity of working with CID (Economic Offence Wing), CBI, SEBI, Forward Markets Commission (FMC), Large Banks & Financial Institutes, SFIO and Commissioner of Police. With our Forensic Audits being conducted using specialized softwares& techniques, the Firm has been acclaimed with a huge success ratio. Our Forensic Audits have helped agencies in establishing the real beneficiaries in cases of frauds and helped them in the court of law (using the evidences gathered by such Forensic Audits). Our Forensic Audit Services have forayed into conducting audits for Large Enterprises in various industries helping them establish the grunt of financial leakages with great success since early 2000’s. We have specialized teams at all our offices for Forensic Audit Services.

We have been lucky to be a part of some of the largest Forensic Audit Engagements in the Country wherein we have successfully closed the Forensic Audits with conclusive & substantive findings along with evidences, such that the reports stood the test of law and helped in substantial recovery.

Our expert team is well versed in dealing in a non-cooperative environment too, wherein using the available information and advance analysis techniques, we ascertain the end utilization of funds and are able to report of diversions, if any.