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Using our acquired learning & skills whilst conducting Forensic Audits, our Firm has developed a unique service offering wherein Preventive Measures are undertaken at enterprises to minimize the risk of fraud. We have also designed a unique process wherein Early Warning Signals are identified in an organization thereby putting in place preventive measures rather than deploying detective measures post a fraud has occurred. We have specialized teams at all our offices for Fraud Prevention Services.

We have worked with some of the largest multi-nationals & complex corporate environments in devising Fraud Prevention Measures wherein we also setup periodic monitoring of the systems put in place to detect Early Warning Signals which effectively identify Red Flags in companies and help prevent frauds. We have specialized teams for various industries that work on Fraud Prevention & EWS Engagements. Our score board also has to its credit, Forensic Audits wherein the underlying documentation was willfully destroyed, wherein we reconstructed the financial records using operational evidences & operational trails, which was successfully concluded by Pipara & Co LLP.