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Gyan B. Pipara

Research Analyst, Author & Mentor

B.Com. (Hons.), LL.B., FCA

Introducing Gyan B. Pipara, the visionary Founder Partner of our firm since 1982, a stalwart with over 40 years of invaluable experience. A Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, he is a luminary in the fields of Auditing, including Statutory, Internal, Pre-Audit, and Forensic Audit, among others.

Beyond his extensive expertise in various Bank Audits, Management and System Audits, he is well-versed in Accounting, Direct Taxes, Tax Consultancy, and Management Consultancy. His proficiency extends to representing clients in complex Income Tax matters, including appearances before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal and Income Tax Settlement Commission.

His impact reaches beyond our firm as the Government of India-nominated Independent Director on the Board of State Bank of Travancore, a Nationalized Bank with a business of Rs.1.2 Lacs Crores. As the Chairman of the Audit Committee, he has made significant contributions to banking operations. Notably, he is an award-winning researcher in Forensic Audit and serves as an economic adviser to the Special Fraud Investigation Committee-Government of India.

A sought-after mentor, he regularly imparts his vast knowledge as a Guest Lecturer at IIM-A and various national and international conclaves. His commitment to knowledge-sharing extends to providing training to officers of State Bank of India, showcasing his dedication to the continuous development of professionals in the financial sector.

In addition to his illustrious career, he is also the author of the books “FORENSIC AUDIT DECODED” and “BALANCE SHEET DECODED,” further solidifying his position as a thought leader and contributor to the field of finance and audit. Gyan B. Pipara is not just a partner; he is a beacon of expertise, leadership, and mentorship that guides our firm to new heights.

Sweta R. Agarwal

B.Com., FCA

She is an FELLOW member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She is the partner in-charge of Surat Branch of the firm. She has total 23 years of experience in the field of Government Audit i.e. Internal Audit, Pre-Audit, Concurrent Audit, Statutory Audit, Special Audit, System Audit etc. and looks after the work of the firm relating to Government Audit.

Namann Pipara

B.Com, F.C.A, I.S.A., F.A.F.D., Certified AML Expert

Meet Namann Pipara, our distinguished partner and a FELLOW member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, bringing over 12 years of post-qualification expertise to the forefront. Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant, he is also a qualified Forensic Investigator (FAFP), a qualified systems auditor (ISA), qualified anti-money laundering professional (Certified AML Expert), in addition to being a hobbyist photographer, RC enthusiast, football memorabilia collector, amongst others.

On a professional front, Namann is passionate about Auditing, which brings a whole new level of excitement and energy when working on Audit engagements, be it US Listed Entities or those listed on BSE, NSE of London’s Stock Exchange, or for the 200+ forensic investigations handled over the past 5 years. His passion & proficiency spans over Statutory Audits, Internal Audits, Forensic Investigations (Audit), Digital Forensics, or International Taxation.

A Bronze Medal recipient for his achievements in the Diploma in Financial Markets & Insurance, Namann extends his excellence beyond the usual Chartered Accountancy fields, having a deep passion & expertise in digital forensics, time & again he has recovered lost data, emails, files & document trails, from mobile phones, laptops, servers, hard drives, pen-drives, otherwise thought as lost, that have been pivotal in quite impactful & large engagements.

He is also deeply immersed in the demographics of India, possessing superior knowledge of the Indian and global economic scenarios. His understanding of statutory guidelines from the Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Exchange Management Act, International Transfer Pricing Laws and extant OECD guidelines, together with domestic & international domicile taxation is both updated and profound.

He is generally seen crunching numbers on Statutory Audit engagements, for Indian, UK, Isle of Man, Dubai & US clients, or charting out an innovative internal audit plan, based on deep understanding of the business, that addresses the management’s outlook, rather than creating a tick-mark audit plan from the book. Namann is the visionary behind the scientific methodology of System & Process Analytics for Process Evaluation and Process Audits.
Having said that, he strongly believes and propagates his theory that every engagement that contributed to Pipara, is solely attributable to the excellent team that he has found himself blessed with, throughout the 12 years of his professional work.

Namann is also an expert in Transfer Pricing and related compliances, providing clients with insights into International Taxation Consultancy, DTAA provisions, and SAP Mapping and Controls testing in an SAP environment.

An entrepreneur at heart, Namann’s love for team building and bonding shines through. He is not just a partner; he is a multifaceted professional who adds a unique blend of financial acumen, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit to our team at Pipara & Co LLP.

Sweety Jain


Ms. Sweety Jain is a Fellow Member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India with 17 years of standing in the profession. She joined the RadhaKrishna Damani Group (DMart Group) and held the position of Head-Finance. Currently she is a Partner at Pipara & Co LLP while also holding position as an independent director in their retail group company/ies. She has wide experience in the field of Direct Tax, Assurance and Accounting. Sweety Jain is also acting as treasurer to “All Indian Jain Minority Community – Jaipur Wing”.

Bhawik Madrecha

A.C.A., CS

Bhawik Madrecha has been a part of Pipara since 2017, heading Mumbai office and operations at Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Central India located clients.
Bhawik qualified in 2013 as a Chartered Accountant, having done his articleship from M L Bhuwania & Co LLP, his foundation to the Profession and to Assurance were deeply rooted in technical knowledge and understanding of core technical standards.

Bhawik is driven by his passion for knowledge, by his knack for going knee-deep into aspects that are only learnt with experience and sincerity to work.

Having worked with PwC in the initial years of his journey, Bhawik gained experience on working with multinational corporations, audited US corporations and got deep learning into systems, processes and complex accounting sytems.

Bhawik has lead Pipara’s rewarding Mumbai journey through initial setup days, having left his cushy job to joining Pipara as a Business Head, working from a shared office, to leading a team of more than 30 people as a Partner.

His professional work is made up of his attention to detail, his investigative skills, fair mindedness, inclusive leadership style, his open mindedness to solutions backed by technical standards and Grit!

Bhawik is one of the strongest pillars of Pipara as he continues to build Pipara, brick-by-brick, day-by-day.

Shubham Kumar

ACA , B.Com

Qualified Chartered Accountant from India with a Bachelor Degree in commerce with strong accounting fundamentals He has total 7 years of experience. His core area of expertise is managing and handling taxation and related issues for Australian firms. He possesses a rich experience in almost all the areas needed to assist the Australian Accounting firms. He handles every aspect from book-keeping to tax planning with equal ease and efficiency. His passion and enthusiasm has helped many of his clients in minimizing their tax liabilities and explore growth opportunities.

He has an experience of many years in management and administration of finance and marketing departments. What makes him unique and invaluable is his amazing blend of business as well as technical skills.

Chintan Jain

Chintan Jain is our youngest, dynamic partner, a strategic professional at the helm of affairs heading our Delhi office. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, he is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and holds a certificate in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection (FAFD).

Chintan had gained significant exposure during his articleship with G. P. Kapadia & Co, during which time he had already demonstrated strong leadership, by taking on quite significant engagements during his formative years.

Post qualification, Chintan had joined Pipara’s Mumbai office, during which time he excelled as a team leader, as a forensic investigator, demonstrating exemplary performance throughout his engagements. Hardwork, sincerity, technical expertise, ability to guide & lead a team are the cornerstones of his professional story, that led him to lead Pipara’s Delhi operations, as a Partner.

Chintan’s expertise extends to high-profile white-collar sensitive cases, where he collaborates closely with regulatory agencies such as CBI, SFIO, ED, EOW, and SEBI. With 4 years of comprehensive experience, he has spearheaded diverse assignments, including Corporate Investigations, Whistle-Blower allegations, NPA investigations directed by lenders, Corporate Debtor investigations under IBC, 2016, Fraud Risk Assessment, Litigation and Arbitration support, and Cash Flow monitoring engagements.

Under his leadership, the firm has extended its investigation services to family disputes, divorce investigations & corporate investigations, while geographically expanding Delhi’s operations to Sonipat, Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana, Jammu, Kolkata, Jharkhand & Odisha.

In the realm of due diligence, Chintan has conducted extensive assessments on behalf of companies and investors. His sector exposure, ranging from shipping to pharmaceuticals, media to real estate, totals over INR 1,80,000 Million. His style of working is best described by one of the testimonials given to his work, which said “Chintan’s walk-through the due diligence report and its findings was like watching a thriller 90 movie, with not-a-moment that we could take our eyes of the presentation”

Chintan’s current focus involves a meticulous analysis of publicly available information and facts related to targets and associated individuals. His multifaceted skill set and rich sector experience make him an imminent role in steering Pipara & Co LLP towards excellence and in Pipara’s endeavours to go Global.