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India is an emerging economy and a developing country. Initially the accounting system followed in India was the Single Entry Accounting system, also referred to as “Deshinama”. However lately the Government, Municipal Corporations and other Government Bodies have started conversion of their Single Entry Accounting Systems into Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting System (ABDEAS).

Such accounting is now done using Centralized Servers (Mainframes) and access from remote locations; using state-of-the-art double entry accounting software. Such software has been created and deployed by us in conjunction with other agencies. We are working at Taluka, Gram Panchayat and District Offices by us in Gujarat.

Not only do we help in the conversion of the Accounting System but we also undertake the handholding of the project by giving special as well as on-the-job training to the respective employees of the department so as to enable them to work in the new environment efficiently and effectively.

In addition to Gujarat we have also been working at Patna, Bhopal, Maharashtra and Chennai on projects of the same nature and purpose.