As skilled professionals, we take pride in delivering meticulous assurance services, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of financial information for entities that issues securities or are regulated by SEC. being a PCAOB registered firm, we are capable of undertaking audits of entities that are planning to either file under Reg A, a S-1, a F-1, or a SPAC. We have been working on issuer audits since 2022, and have gained varied experience over engagements for issuers / prospective issuers.

We also work with OTC traded companies, providing transparent, ethical & TIMELY audit services.

At Pipara, we understand that the audit of financial statements for issuers is a critical process that goes beyond routine compliance. We are dedicated to staying informed about regulatory changes and possess the expertise required to deliver comprehensive assurance services customized to the specific requirements of issuers.
Our experienced audit team conducts thorough financial audits, scrutinizing every aspect of an issuer’s financial statements with precision and expertise. Apart from the numbers, our Issuer Audit services provide assurance to stakeholders that financial statements comply with relevant accounting standards and regulatory requirements.
We help identify and address potential financial risks proactively. Our comprehensive services provide insights that empower issuers to navigate challenges with foresight. The insights derived from our audits empower issuer leadership with information for strategic decision-making, risk management, and future planning.

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