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Pipara & Co LLP has specialized teams for conducting Internal Audits, wherein our audits start from understanding the underlying processes of the entity. Not only do we analyze the financial transactions while undertaking the internal audit but we also understand, analyze and check the production processes, product costing, re-order systems & quantities, business process analytics to understand & implement Best Business Practices using benchmarking standards and comparable outputs that are closely monitored month-over-month. Our Internal Audits are unique as we deploy industry experts along with financial experts so as to conduct and effective internal audit understanding the Macro & Micro environment in which the entity operates.

The Internal Audits conducted by Pipara & Co LLP are uniquely designed for checking effectiveness of internal controls, control over financial reporting, flow of data and MIS Reporting. Our Internal Audit services have a special technique deployed for SME’s & Hyper Growth Companies, understanding the unique positioning of such organizations. Pipara & Co LLP also has specialized offerings for multi-geographic organizations having large volumes to effectively mitigate the risks thereof. Our philosophy of Internal Audits is not just drawing attention to Gaps in the system but also helping organizations deploy counter-measures so as to mitigate the risk thereof for a long term.